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Water Quality of San Francisco Bay
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Where are Measurements Made?

In order to describe water quality along the longitudinal axis of the San Francisco Bay-Delta system, we collect measurements at 37 fixed sampling locations spaced 3-6 kilometers apart. These sampling stations are located along the central deep channel, from the southern limit of South Bay, through Central Bay, San Pablo Bay, Carquinez Strait, Suisun Bay, and ending at Rio Vista on the Sacramento River. Below are tables with coordinates and mean low water of standard and non-standard stations. Non-standard stations were sampled historically and/or irregularly.

Standard Stations Table

General Location
Depth MLW
657Rio Vista38° 9.1'-121° 41.3'10.1
649Sacramento River3.6'48.0'10.1
2Chain Island3.8'51.1'11.3
4Simmons Point2.9'56.1'11.6
5Middle Ground3.6'58.8'9.8
6Roe Island3.9'-122° 2.1'10.1
7Avon Pier2.9'5.8'11.6
11Mare Island3.6'16.0'15.5
12Pinole Shoal3.1'18.7'8.8
13N. of Pinole Point1.7'22.2'9.8
14"Echo" Buoy0.4'24.3'13.1
15Point San Pablo37° 58.4'26.2'22.9
16"Charlie" Buoy55.0'26.8'12.8
17Raccoon Strait52.7'25.3'32.0
18Point Blunt50.8'25.3'43.0
20Blossom Rock49.2'23.6'18.2
21Bay Bridge47.3'21.5'17.4
22Potrero Point45.9'21.5'18.0
23Hunter's Point43.7'20.2'20.1
24Candlestick Point41.9'20.3'11.0
25Oyster Point40.2'19.5'8.8
26San Bruno Shoal38.2'18.8'9.8
27San Francisco Airport37.1'17.5'13.0
28N. of San Mateo Bridge36.1'16.2'16.2
29S. of San Mateo Bridge34.8'14.7'14.6
29.5 Steinberger Slough 34.1'13.1'14.6
30Redwood Creek33.3'11.4'12.8
31Coyote Hills31.7'9.5'13.7
32Ravenswood Point31.1'8.0'12.8
33Dumbarton Bridge30.5'7.3'11.6
34 *Newark Slough*29.7'5.9'7.9
35Mowry Slough28.8'4.7'8.5
36Calaveras Point28.3'4.0'7.9

* Sampling at this location for Station 34 began 2/2/2016. The coordinates for cruises from 1969 through 1/21/2016 are 37° 29.7'N, -122° 5.6'W

Non-Standard Stations Table

General Location
Depth MLW
662Prospect Isalnd38° 13.6'121° 40.2'10.1
659Old Sac. River 10.7'40.0'10.1
655N.of Three Mile Slough 7.3'42.1'10.1
654  6.3'42.5' 
653Mid-Decker Island 6.3'43.2'10.1
652Towland's Landing5.2'44.8' 
651  4.7'45.8' 
650  4.3'46.5' 
411Garnet Sill5.8'122° 3.5' 
407Reserve Fleet 4 4.3'5.6' 
405Reserve Fleet 2 2.9'7.4' 
12.5Pinole Point2.4'18.9'6.7
19Golden Gate37° 49.1' 28.3'91.0
28.5Geo Probe35.8' 14.1'15.7

NOTE: Aug 1999 through Jan 2002 stations 405, 407 and 411 in Suisun Bay were sampled instead of stations 5-7

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