Data Query for the Water Quality of San Francisco Bay Project

Welcome to the San Francisco Bay water quality database containing measurements collected from 1969 to present as part of the San Francisco Bay research program.

This dataset consists of discrete parameters: chlorophyll-a, suspended particulate matter (SPM), dissolved oxygen, and dissolved inorganic nutrients (nitrite, nitrate + nitrite, ammonium, phosphate and silicate) and CTD sensor-derived parameters: depth, calculated chlorophyll-a, dissolved oxygen, oxygen % saturation, calculated SPM, extinction coefficient, salinity, temperature, and sigma-t.

Each parameters is described in our Glossary. Please see what we measure and how our measurements are made for more details. Detailed information about the measurements, historical methodology, and technical validations can be found in Water quality measurements in San Francisco Bay by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1969–2015.

To access phytoplankton taxonomy data see these data reports: 1992-2014 and 2014-present.

Database structure

From 1969 through October 1987, discrete parameters were collected at varying depths (commonly 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 5m, and bottom) and extinction coefficient is listed at 0.5m, 1m or 2m.

From November 1987 to present, discrete data are collected at a subset of stations at 2m and/or the station’s bottom depth. Extinction coefficient is listed on the 1m line, or the surface depth if 1m bin was not sampled by CTD.

CTD sampling: From November of 1987 to present, vertical CTD profile data are shared in 1-m depth bins centered at the depth reported; the values are means of all measurements made 0.5 m above and 0.5 m below the reported depth.

Known data limitations

The following data are not available: silicate 2011 - February 2014; nitrite 2005 – 2011; extinction coefficient 2002 – 2006

Time of day for 1981 through 1987 is accurate within +/- 30 minutes.

Database Query

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Selection of full(er) dataset: The 1969-2015 data are available as a single file from this data release.

For an explanation of parameters used in the database, please see our glossary (opens in a new tab).

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For any publications, please cite these data using the citations at the bottom of this page.

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Date Julian Date Time Station Distance from Sta. 36 (km) Depth (m) Discrete Chlorophyll-a (micrograms/L) Discrete Chlorophyll-Pheopigment Ratio Calculated Chlorophyll-a (micrograms/L) Discrete Oxygen (mg/L) Oxygen (mg/L) Oxygen % Saturation Discrete SPM (mg/L) Calculated SPM (mg/L) Extinction Coefficient Salinity Temperature (Degrees Celsius) Sigma-t NO2 (Micromolar) NO32 (Micromolar) NH4 (Micromolar) PO4 (Micromolar) Si (Micromolar)

Data Citation

Please use these citations to cite data from this website in your publication:

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